Genuina Pet Food is high-end dog's food.
Human-grade natural foods for your dog's well-being

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The new company that bought the Genuina brand understood right from the start how powerful and truly fantastic the product they had in their hands was.

But there was a problem.

The image that was being sold at that time, in particular the packaging, did not represent the real brand identity and did not bring out its qualities.

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Genuina Pet Food represents a new way of experiencing our dogs nutrition. An innovative and refined food concept, created with a quality production philosophy and completed with a clean and essential aesthetic.

Client: Genuina Pet Food

Services: Packaging | Design | e-Commerce

Date: 09/2018 – in progress

The rebirth under the #22222

Together with the owners we tried to understand immediately the problems, the final target and the right ways to go.

Inizialmente è stato proposto un restyling “delicato” che mantenesse un legame con le origini.
Initially a “delicate” restyling was proposed that would maintain a link with the origins. With the continuation of the meetings it was increasingly clear that this choice of “keeping the origins” would not allow us to build a modern and functional design with the communication of the brand.

It was necessary to make a clean break with the past and revolutionize the whole image, to create a great impact on the new target.

This is where the "Genuina Black" is born.

A not black black; a #222222.



The development of e-Commerce

We love to follow each project from start to finish, from the first sketches to the final creation of the product, since it is the smallest details that make the difference.
We manage the entire production chain, from the rendering of the pantones, to the choice of cardboard, to the final steps and beyond.

We leave nothing to chance as we believe that the greatness of a project is contained in the small details.

So, once the new image, the new packaging and the entire ecosystem around Genuina Pet Food were ready, it was time to develop the brand's eCommerce too.

Genuina Pet Food has understood well that it is not enough to put a website online to sell a product.

Continuous advice on data analysis is required, it is essential to listen to the needs of your users, create and modify marketing strategies, learn from them and then repeat everything again.

The brand has decided to entrust us with the management of website data, through Google Analytics, Google ADS promotional campaigns and SEO Optimization for search engines, in addition to the constant management of the eCommerce back office.

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