RADAR tells about climate crisis.
A group of journalist and photographers under the same flag.

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RADAR Magazine is an online magazine founded in 2020 by a group of award-winning journalists and photographers. It offers an innovative way of making information in Italy: independent, free and participatory.

Published articles are in-depth and scientific. Furthermore, great relevance is given to the visual side of journalistic communication.

RADAR asks us a website restyling in order to acquire a more modern identity and an attractive graphics that makes the usability of content easier.

Image has

RADAR Magazine's communication core is the visual impact.

This priority led us to develop a minimal but effective design based on the contrast between texts, screens (black and white) and images inside articles (coloured and high quality).

This effect is particularly evident in one of their more interesting articles that can be found here.

Furthermore, since they had the desire of managing the portal autonomously, we have developed a custom backoffice that gave the journalists the opportunity to manage their publications independently.

Projects info

RADAR is an online magazine that talks about climate crisis and how it is changing our world. The project was selected by Google at the GNI Startups Lab

Client: Radar Magazine

Services: Web development | Performance optimization

Date: 10/2021 – in progress

High optimization's level

A new focus on search engine optimization, social media and ads allowed the magazine to acquire great relevance on the web; in fact, they reached thousands of new visitors every week. This important result required new optimization steps for their website.

Their need was to increase the performance of the website in order to make navigation even faster and guarantee a more immediate User Experience.

Considering the high number of media on the website, we decide to dedicate to them a high performance server and to integrate a custom CDN to optimize the loading of images and videos. server ad alte performance e integrare una CDN dedicata per ottimizzare il caricamento delle immagini e dei video.

This choice has increased the ranking of the website on search engines, improving the acquisition of new visitors and a longer engagement on the articles.

Selected by Google

A trip to Berlin, at Arena Berlin & Festsaal Kreuzberg, to present RADAR to the world.

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