Alessandro Bianchi is ShapeYourTone.
A dynamic content creator who talks to guitarists.

The secret is to
provide value

The main goal for a brand shouldn't be just selling products but to build a strong and loyal community.

ShapeYourTone brand was born with this purpose. The idea was to provide value to the guitarists communities without asking anything back, except their trustness.

YouTube has been the most fittable platform for the brand's goal for a simple reason. It's a search engines and it's populated by users searching for solutions to their problems.

Because of that, guitar reviews, tutorials and divulgation videos released on the YouTube channel has been the driving force to conquer the audience.

Projects info

ShapeYourTone is a brand starring Alessandro Bianchi, guitarist and content creator. The brand produces online content for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and owns an on-demand guitar video courses portal.

Client: ShapeYourTone

Services: Visual identity | Social media | Sviluppo web

Date: 11/2020 โ€“ in progress


We can describe the tone of voice that we decided to use with just 3 words: usefulness, authority e freshness.

Furthermore, the choice to be at the service of the audience has outlined Alessandro as a reference point inside the community and not above the community.

Thanks to this, especially in paid reviews cases, the brand hasn't suffered negative implications in the eyes of the people and the sponsors' brand have perceived an improvement in the awareness of their brand.

The revenue generated by the affiliate marketing allowed the brand to expand the business in other directions and develop the first personal product: the eLearning Platform.

YouTube channel data for May, June and July 2022

Business improvement

It was necessary to diversify the product offer since affiliate marketing has a limit: the market price imposed by various economic factors. Considering our audience, we came to the conclusion that the product should meet these requirements: be digital, be useful and generate passive revenue.

The choice fell on the eLearning topic and our will was not to rely on external providers but to internally develop our personal Platform of on-demand videocourses.

So, the ShapeYourTone video courses platform was born, a digital eCommerce that contains 1 hour on-demand guitar courses dedicated to beginner, intermediate and advanced level guitarists.

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